Why Choose Bewley Communications?

Prior to launching Bewley Communications, I was blessed to work in traditional public school districts in Central Indiana for more than 20 years. I use the word “blessed” intentionally, and not at all lightly. I’ve always believed in immersing myself in work I enjoy, but I’m driven to put my full energies into causes I am passionate about. For me, no cause is more noble or worthy of support than the success of traditional public education. I am convinced the single most important reason America is the greatest country in the world is that all children – regardless of race, creed, disability, income or status – are entitled to a free, public education.


I’m greatly concerned that political and economic forces that have been at work for more than 30 years continue to cast America’s greatest strength as a failure. I know from firsthand experience that many of the issues that plague traditional public education stem from forces outside of the control of the school or school district. If adults struggle to deal with the effects of job loss, poverty, homelessness, violence and drugs, why should their children be expected to thrive? Youngsters cannot simply leave those barriers to success at the schoolhouse door.


My goal in establishing Bewley Communications is to help traditional public schools and districts to tell their stories – both the successes and challenges – and, in doing so, to build community-wide support for their efforts.


Traditional public education is not broken, and it does not need to be replaced with privatized schooling models. If you agree, please honor me by allowing me to assist your school or district in accomplishing your communications goals.


                                                                     Mary Louise Bewley


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